The Outrage in Gaza

Read this article by Rabbi Brant Rosen for a perspective on the Israeli military raids on the Gaza Strip. As of now, at least 45 people have died in Palestine, including an eleven month old child. 345 others have been wounded, almost a third of which are children. The World Health Organization has issued a statement saying that Gaza has a shortage of hospitals and critical medical supplies. If Israel claims territorial authority over Gaza, they are obligated to protect the rights and lives of the innocent civilians there. We at the Trojan Horse would like to echo Rabbi Rosen’s sentiments and stand behind the call of  the Jewish Voice for Peace for immediate cessation of the strike on Gaza and the U.S. government’s support of this atrocity.


One response to “The Outrage in Gaza

  1. Oooo! How fresh! Anti-Israel bashing from a groovy alternative college newspaper! Really, people. Read a little more.

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