A Different Kind of Green Party

Francesca Bessey

The night before Inauguration Day 2013, millions of Americans had their own ideas of what should be on President Obama’s agenda. But for the over 1,000 spectators, artists, activists and volunteers who attended EarthWE’s “A Green Term, Mr. President” event in downtown Los Angeles, developing initiatives for a more sustainable America was a top priority.


The thirteen-hour art extravaganza featured an exhibit of local artists painting their visions for a future world. Drinks were served, a bazaar opened up and a series of performances including an African-Aztec ceremony, ecstatic dance and a yoga class whose instructor hovered above the ground, plucking the strings of the largest harp on earth. The main event was a concert by the L.A.-based band, Ozomatli, which drew large crowds with their cross-cultural urban beats.

EarthWE is a non-profit aggregator, which means it facilitates interaction and resource exchange between like-minded non-profit organizations. Founded by independent filmmaker Philippe Caland, it aims to use

its online platform to link up Angelinos with organizations and inspire them through an incentive system to become more actively involved in community service and environmentalism.

From its impetus, EarthWE has been partnered with Kinney Group Creative (KGC), an artistic brand promoter who managed the “Green Term” event. According to CEO James Kinney, KGCs experience with EarthWE has been one of their most meaningful client relationships.

“The intention is great. We have clients who just process credit cards or put client s in hotel rooms and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when you get a chance to be involved in something groundbreaking, something that’s making a difference, it’s one of the greatest opportunities you can have,” Kinney said.

As an activist, attending “Green Term” was a personally invigorating experience. It was another powerful reminder of how both art and social media can be harnessed in creative and original ways to make a positive impact on major national and global issues. Despite the grave problem—environmental degradation—that the event sought to address, the tone remained hopeful and empowering. Rather than placing American institutions on trial for their sustainability failings, it celebrated the natural beauty of the Earth and the potential for a green and gorgeous future—an invitation, not a harangue. At the event, I was able to appreciate both the eco-mission and the art behind it.

And the best part? It was free. Attendees needed only provide their email address, ensuring that everyone who wanted to join in on the green festivities was able to do so.

EarthWE and KGC hope to follow up the success with a series of events at venues throughout greater Los Angeles. EarthWE will also be opening up its volunteer exchange platform to the public in the near future. Keep up with their events at earthwe.com. Stay green!


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