Upcoming Event: Rising from the Ashes: Voices from the Sweatshop Floor

Rising from the Ashes

Last November, a fire swept through a factory in Bangladesh and killed 112 workers. In the ensuing investigation into the causes of the fatalities, it was found that the building was operating without a fire-safety permit, that the building had no fire escapes and that the doors on the ground floor were locked from the outside. The owner of the factory made conscious decisions that violated not only Bangladeshi and international labor laws, but assaulted the dignity and human right to safe and fair work that each person deserves.

Sadly, USC is indirectly connected with this tragedy. USC approves organizations to go around the world and monitor factories that make Trojan apparel and certify that the factories are safe. One of USC’s approved monitors audited the Bangladeshi factory before it burned down, failing to protect workers and exposing the dangers that all factories that make USC clothing can be exposed to.

Join the Student Coalition Against Labor Exploitation on Tuesday Feb. 19th, at 7:00 in THH 201 in hosting a worker from the same Bangladeshi factory to come to speak about the experience of working in a sweatshop, surviving the fire, and what workers and students are doing to fight back against human rights injustice.

For more information, feel free to contact us at SCALE.USC@gmail.com or visit us at facebook.com/SCALE.USC. See the event on facebook here.


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