Letter Written Behind Bars, Love From A Hacktivist

Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond’s Letter From Jail

An interesting examination of the siphoning away of internet rights in America and the struggles faced by activists as protesting goes digital. While we may have secured the right to carry out forms of non-violent civic action, such as sit-ins, without facing jail time or police violence (MOST of the time; let’s not forget UC Davis), there is yet no legal precedent for approaching actions on the internet. As discussed in this letter, hacktivists holding the digital version of a sit-in (slowing traffic on the Pay Pal server for a few hours) are now facing serious criminal charges.

Regardless of experience (or lack thereof) with digital activism, Hammond’s words apply to any American who believes in the democratic principals of free speech, free information, and government accountability:

“We the people demand free and equal access to information and technology. We demand transparency and accountability from governments and big corporations, and privacy for the masses from invasive surveillance networks.”


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