Done Dreaming: A Brief Analysis

 Esmy Jimenez: Done Dreaming

In her article Done Dreaming, Esmy Jimenez shares her personal story and does what many more should be doing: challenging readers – namely Americans – to stop getting sucked into statistics and political rhetoric and see that immigration into the United States, legal or “illegal,” is made up of human beings.

Brought to the United States as an infant, Jimenez learned English, worked weekend and summer jobs, graduated high school as Senior Class President, and now attends the University of Southern California – a private university – on a scholarship. She describes her experience of learning how she is lumped together with other immigrants as a national issue and is blamed for her status over which she had no control.

For well over a hundred years, the United States has been plagued by bigotry and dehumanization of immigrantsespecially immigrants of color. The immigrants are seen as problems, as “welfare abusers” as opposed to actual people, people, who as Jimenez puts it, deserve to be acknowledged as fellow Americans – not just dreamers.


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