Up To Here With Rape Culture

The December gang rape and murder of New Delhi student Jyoti Singh Pandey, nicknamed by some as Nirbhaya or “Fearless,” has brought novel attention internationally to the problem of sexual violence and rape culture – not just in the country of India, but all over the world. And whether it was Jyoti’s murder or the recent slew of cases of college administrations ignoring rape on their campuses or just general frustration with three billion lifetimes of discrimination and sexual violence, people have just about had enough with misogyny and rape culture.


Insightful, passionate and above all insistent voices have been cropping up in media outlets everywhere – particularly online – demanding an end to systemic sexism and institutionalized rape. People of all gender identities are expressing their frustration with and desire to change a system that ultimately restricts and does damage to all of us.


In this article, Rebecca Solnit reminds America that is isn’t just foreign countries that promote a culture of violence against women.

UpWorthy called attention to CNN’s “all kinds of wrong” tribute to the men who assaulted a sixteen year old girl in Virginia.

The Onion even saved some face after their derogatory tweet against Quevenzhane Wallis by raising eyebrows about the same incident.

The New York Times featured a piece today about college activists networking nationally to fight sexual assault.

Popular culture has also been rigorously critiqued for its lackadaisical attitude toward misogyny and sexual violence, such as in this article on New Statesman.

(The Interloper has also featured some fine coverage about gender discrimination, in our humble opinion.)

We still have a long way to go in the fight for gender equality, but we might just be on the verge of a feminist revolution. So sit tight – or, by all means, add your own voice to the mix.


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