USC Hook-Ups Revisited

Daniella Lollie

Though it has faced a lot of public scrutiny and is now facing a challenge from USG, the USC Hook-Ups page continues to prove that many people in this community think consent is a joke.

The posts have only gotten more racist, more sexist and more disgusting in the last few weeks. It is clear by now that the admin (or admins) of the page have no idea what constitutes rape and what does not, and that they cannot tell the difference between something that is “offensive” and something that is violent.

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 4.08.05 PM

A particularly horrifying newer post states:

“#156 3AM….lotta of shots deep. As I am rising in the elevator, thoughts in my head were confused. Its not that I didnt get any pussy, I just didnt find the right opportunity to get my shit innnn. Entering my friends dorm, girls in the bathroom ya know puking and shit… I go to sit on the couch by one of the girls that was supposably passed out. In the middle of a drunk convo, the girl would not stop pushing me with her feet, so I grabbed her ankle like a BOSS, letting her know that I noticed her noticing me. I tell my friend “get out of the room right now.” as he lays on the ground he mumbles “handle it bro, handle it.” once i told him hes a dick, I cuddling behind the girl… well you know the rest 😉 #ThatJustHappened #TurnUp”

Aside from the obvious fact that this person displays sentiments implying that women’s bodies are things to be attained, this person thinks that a girl so drunk that she can be mistaken to be passed out, has given explicit consent because she pushed him with her feet. Even more disgusting is what student commentators decided to critique when it came to this post. Out of all the heinous things within this post people have decided that the bad grammar and spelling is the stand out. A comment saying, “Grammar… This looks like it was written by someone in 7th grade,” got 36 likes. 36 people apparently find bad grammar more offensive than rape.

Another post reads, “#155 To the girl i hooked up last night, sorry that my dick couldn’t come out of your pussy. it felt like it was inflating inside! It wasn’t my fault!

PS – your boobs were very soft.”

It might as well of said, “The sex didn’t end when you wanted it to, but it’s not my fault, so it’s fine.”

Of course, it is not surprising that the page administrator would post these scenarios considering they have no problems commodifying female body parts. A spring break message from the admin read, “Excuse the lack of posts for the next week, I’ll be knee deep in the Cabo puss.”

A satirical post making fun of those calling out the blatant misogyny of the page ended with a statement that said “all these USC Hook Up haters are virgins.” The worst reply on that post was one by a USC student who stated, ” This post is rape! Raping my funny bone.”

In conclusion USC Hook-Ups is still a hot spot for rape culture being displayed within our community. Everyday the page proves more and more how unsafe we all are in relation to the many predators enrolled at this University.


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