Big Sean’s Performance Reveals How Normalized Sexism is at USC

Big Sean asks students if their pussies are clean.

As I was dancing in the crowd at Spring Fest, I realized that the normalization of female degradation in my own life had never been so apparent. Big Sean, who as an artist is obviously no stranger to expressing sexist sentiments, was very predictable in that he came prepared to spew hate masquerading as fun-loving YOLO party fare.


In a monologue between songs Big Sean talked about not letting anyone tell you that you can’t follow your dreams. His advice on what to say to people who try to discourage you? Tell them to “suck a dick.” What followed amounted to a few thousand students chanting: “suck a dick, bitch,” over and over again.

What strikes me as the most interesting and the most devastating about this situation is the nature of the sick mindset which is required in order to believe that the worst insult this society could come up with is telling others to “suck a dick,” because it implies anyone who has done so is worthless and scum. This is especially problematic within the context of Big Sean’s music, and other things he said to the audience which both focused on the attainment of male sexual gratification and trying to get laid, or as he so poetically stated “just living life.”

So, living life means attaining pleasure from females who are trash for providing the pleasure as is expected from them. Got it.

But hey, however harshly I critique Big Sean I must admit the man is nothing if not thematically consistent. When he enthusiastically asked those with “clean pussies” to raise their hands I had to give him mental props for ceasing to deviate from his chosen course of hatred for women.

Of course this is not a Big Sean problem, or even a hip-hop problem, it’s an all-encompassing societal problem. It’s a problem that thousands of students can chant something so obviously hateful and derogatory as if it’s religious tradition, especially when that hate is aimed at 50% of the chanters. It’s a problem that we cannot imagine party culture without the constant degradation of women and it’s a problem that we can continuously shrug blatant sexism off as inevitable and simply a part of the hip-hop experience.


4 responses to “Big Sean’s Performance Reveals How Normalized Sexism is at USC

  1. agreed^^ big sean does not “hate women” lol in no way is big sean trying to hate on women but i do agree that it is degrading. but before big sean does anything about it women should raise their own voice if they have a problem with it..

  2. Sorry, I’m going to play devil’s advocate. I went to the Big Sean’s concert and enjoyed myself. When he said “suck a dick, bitch” I wasn’t offended because I know I’m not a bitch. I think people who associate themselves with that word would be offended. A man can be a bitch just as much as a women, and a man can suck a dick as much as a women. I don’t think
    It was sexist unless you perceive it that way.

    • ^ Big Sean is not referring to men sucking dicks, everyone in the audience knows that. and what woman do you know that automatically associates themselves with the title “bitch”??? Your mindset is what contributes to the problem, and the problem is exactly that the phrase “suck a dick” is so commonly accepted that it’s hard for people to realize what it really refers to.

      • Really? I’m pretty sure everyone in the audience doesn’t, seeing as I was in the audience. acually alot of girls I kno refers themselves as a “bad bitch” I think that’s more of a problem then saying “suck a dick.” My mindset isn’t the problem, its your thinking that BigSean lyrics only mean one thing. Thats pretty narrow minded

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