Upcoming Events: April & May!

Here’s a handful of bomb events we’d thought we’d pass along. If you know of events in Los Angeles you think we should include in the future, leave a comment or message us!

Passed Event:

April 15th – Steal Something from Work Day

Yeah, you heard right! Is this for real? Is it a joke? Check out their website for frequently asked questions on stealing & morality. They offer interesting and not often explored concepts of worker solidarity, unemployment, and sharing. Keep this in mind for next year. We’re not encouraging; we’re just letting you know.

Upcoming Events:

April 20th to 21st – Festival of Books
University of Southern California

This event, which is open to the public with feature seemingly endless book vendors, speakers, performers, workshops, author signings, and children activities. Do you love books? Reading? Do you want to meet publishers? Or hear Margaret Atwood speak? Then you should definitely check this out.


April 21st – CicLAvia

Get your helmets on and get ready for CicLAvia – To the Sea. On this Saturday, Venice Boulevard will be blocked from Hoover all the way to the ocean in Venice and open for people to bike, run, rollerblade, skateboard and play. Los Angeles, which is usually a very biker-unfriendly city will (at least for a day!) be safer, relaxing and fun. There will be activities along the way (probably dancing and music) and stores are encouraged to stay open and help foster a happier and more communal day. A few other streets downtown will be part of CicLAvia as well. Numerous crossing points for vehicles will be present if you are dead set on staying in your car.

April 21st to 22nd – Lyrid Meteor Shower

Grabs some blankets and maybe head up to the mountains or Griffith Park to get a better view. Look to the skies for the “shooting stars!” This meteor shower will peak on April 22nd before sunrise.

May 1st – May Day March & Rally

This annual protest/rally/march happens all over the world and addresses a variety of issues such as immigration, income inequality, oppression and fair labor practices. Last year, thousands of people participated in rallies in Los Angeles. Look online closer to the date to find rally locations.

May 2nd – USC Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

In an act of solidarity, USC men will walk one mile while wearing high heels in order to raise money for rape prevention programs. The march will start at 11am in front of Tommy Trojan. This march is designed to raise awareness of gender violence, rape and assault and is based on the quote: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Check out the facebook event or directly contact the Women’s Student Assembly or Mencare to get more information and register.


One response to “Upcoming Events: April & May!

  1. Also check out the screening of Pink Saris in the University of Southern California’s Parkside Performance Cafe on Wednesday, April 24th at 6:30pm.

    Pink Saris is a film about the Gulabi Gang, a group of women in North India who take justice for women, the poor, and children into their own hands. They confront abusive husbands, protest dowries, stop child marriages, teach women self defense, help widows get food, and help poor villagers who need food, roads, etc.


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