Masturbation Story #5: Olivia

Jasamine Young-Paulhill

What woke Olivia wasn’t her alarm, or the sunlight filling her bedroom. It was the aching between her thighs that wouldn’t relent. She squirmed on the bed, trying to relieve the pressure, first pressing her legs together, then spreading them apart, her hands sliding up her thighs. She let her hands move over her stomach and up to her breasts beneath her t-shirt.

Pinching her nipples, she whimpered. Heat flushed through her and her hips arched. God, she was going to come before she even touched her pussy. And wouldn’t that be a shame.

Olivia took off her shirt, cupped one of her breasts and then stroked her hip with her free hand, moving closer and closer to her sex, but never quite getting there. Letting her fingers skim over the crotch of her panties, she shuddered, then pushed the edge of the fabric aside to touch her flesh. She pushed a finger inside, moaning at the feel of her own wet warmth.

Hips still rocking, Olivia pulled her finger out and traced her juices over her nipples and they hardened in the air. She shoved down her panties, her body too hot, her pussy too ready. But she didn’t put her fingers where she wanted them. She played with herself some more, rubbing over her hips and thighs, tickling herself, raking her nails across her skin. Her body undulated.

Eventually, she allowed her hand to cup her sex and rocked her hips against it; to no relief. Slowly she pushed one finger, then another into her pussy. She gave a moan.

She pumped her fingers, in and out, lost to the pleasure. Her thighs alternated between clenching tight and spreading wide around her hand, the muscles in her pussy tensing with her thrusts. But the movement inside her wasn’t enough; she pulled her slick fingers out again and focused on her clit. Her entire body kicked back on the first stroke, and then she was rubbing with the pads of her fingers, arching for her peak.

“I’m going to come,” she gasped to herself, the words bringing the inevitable even closer. “Oh, fuck yes, I’m going to come.”

But she didn’t want it to end just yet. Reluctantly, she pulled away from her pussy and played with her breasts, forcing her body to cool down just a bit. She licked the taste of her pussy from her fingers, pinched her nipples, stroked her skin. When she was hot all over again, she penetrated herself again, this time using her other hand to work her clit at the same time.

She kept her pace slow until her pussy throbbed and her body ached, and then she sped up, building all the sensation, gasping, begging her body for completion.

Then, everything tightened; her heart felt like it clenched in her chest, she squeezed her eyes shut. Her pussy started convulsing and she cried out, trembling. The pleasure ebbed and flowed, and she kept stroking to prolong the sensations. Good morning.


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