Masturbation Story #6: A Female Guide to Self Exploration

Kalan Leaks

Hello, there! Are you tired of waiting on your partner to come over to have sex, or upset at his/her lack of sexual expertise? Are you happily single, yet have some sexual urges that need attending to? Or do you feel that are not as in tune with your body sexually as you would like to be? Well, worry no more! The key to your sexual pleasure is literally right in your hands. Masturbation may seem complicated, but once you are in tune with your body, you will wonder why you thought it was so complicated to begin with!


Step 1: The Set-up

The first thing that you have to realize is that your brain is the ultimate sex toy. The untrained brain will either make you cum too soon or not at all! However, with the proper carnal knowledge, your brain will be able to make you achieve orgasm whenever you wish.

The next thing you need to worry about is location. Make sure that you are in a secure location that is devoid of any distractions. This is your personal time, after all. Be sure to wear loose clothing that can easily be taken off once you get appropriately hot and bothered. Having a sweater and jeans on isn’t going to aid in your quest.

Lastly, this is the time to set the mood. The body isn’t going to give you pleasure if you mind is not willing. Let your mind drift to sexual desires. Think about that cute guy or girl you wouldn’t mind spending a few minutes under the sheets with. If you need pornography or an erotic novel (that isn’t any of the 50 Shades series of “erotica”), then go for it! This is all about your personal pleasure.

Step 2: The Warm-up

This is the tricky part. Many women want to try masturbation, but they just don’t know where to start touching, or when to touch what, or whether to use toys (that will come in an updated version of the guide). In order for your body to prepare or vaginal stimulation, you have to excite your erogenous zones first. These spots differ for everyone. Some work extremely well on some women, some are less pleasurable to other, and some are just downright useless. However, these areas should work for the vast majority of women everywhere. The following are a couple. Keep in mind, the key word is “gentle.”

The Breasts:

I was surprised when one of my female friends didn’t know that the breasts feel pleasurable if touched the right way. Start by rubbing the palms of your hands on your breasts, going all over the front and sides. Then gently pull on your areolas or flick your nipples until they become stiff and at attention. After that, you can tease them any way you find pleasurable. Twist them, pull them, and/or circle your finger around them, whatever works for you!

Your Inner Thigh:

This area is trickier to get the sensation, but it can relax your pelvic muscles so you will be more likely to achieve orgasm. Start by slowly and lightly touching the tips of your fingers on the inside of your thigh and taking them back and forth towards your knee in a circular motion. It might take a while to figure out what speed and pressure is right for you, but it is worth it in the long run.

Step 3: The Marathon

Alright, by now your body should be ready for the main event. I named this step “The Marathon” instead of “The Race” for a reason. You should not be placing any sort or expectations or time limits on your pleasure at any time during this whole procedure. This is your exploration into what makes your body feel all of those great sensations people around the world crave. Don’t give up if something doesn’t work. We are all made differently, and one configuration is not superior to the other. We all have our beautiful flaws; we just have to make the most of them. But enough about that stuff, let’s get you an orgasm, shall we?

While one of your hands is still fondling your breast, guide the other hand slowly down your stomach to your vagina. Get your hand acquainted with your genitals by tracing around the different areas. Feel the softness of the outer lips, then part them and gently rub the opening.  Hopefully by now, your vagina will be moist from your arousal, so your fingers will feel slippery by now.

There are two main ways to achieve orgasm by masturbation: clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm. Clitoral orgasm is the easier method, so that will be the method I will go over. I may go over the other version in future editions.

After your fingers are moist, bring them up to the top of the vaginal lips. There should be a small swelling called the clitoris, which is obviously the main area of focus for the purposes of this exercise. Once your fingers are properly lubricated, gently touch on and around the clitoris. It helps to move your fingers in a pattern to get a constant sense of pleasure. A couple options are to move your fingers up and down the clitoris, or move them in a circular motion. Start at a medium speed and a moderate pressure. At that point, you have to decide what pressure and speed is most pleasurable for you. As you feel your pleasure building, you may find that an increase or decrease in speed offers more pleasure than before. Don’t be afraid of your pleasure. Just dive into it and enjoy!

So, that’s all there is to it! Hopefully you will have at least learned a bit more about how your body functions sexually if not anything else. Sex is an amazing gift that you are fully entitled to have with your significant other or just by yourself. Why not open it?


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12 responses to “Masturbation Story #6: A Female Guide to Self Exploration

  1. Yeahh….
    This article is ridiculous….I cant even….

    There are a million ways for men to write about female sexuality and masturbation without resorting to something like this, which just stinks of actual creepiness and an unprecedented amount of arrogance. So inappropriate. So many assumptions. Ugh god WHY

  2. Why didn’t you write something worth putting on here? It’s easy to complain but if you had something better to write you should’ve written it.

      • It seems like it’d be a lot more constructive to encourage healthy attitudes about female sexuality, even if it comes from males (in fact equally important). The writer is not standing in your bedroom with a megaphone tell you what you’re “supposed to do with your body”, you are perfectly free to use or ignore what is written at your discretion. I have no doubt the wonderful folks putting together the Interloper considered what they were posting, and they are certainly the kind of progressive people who would avoid negative conceptions of sexuality and seek to avoid the cis-male domineering so prevalent in most culture.

        if the writer was left anonymous would you have the same attitude? Even with a 50/50 chance it could have been written by a male?

    • Pretty sure if it was anonymous everyone would ASSUME it wasn’t written by a man because that would be absurd given the nature of the article. O wait -_-. If you want to promote healthy female sexuality DO THAT, don’t do a creepy step by step guide with profoundly idiotic sentences like,”However, these areas should work for the vast majority of women everywhere,” when talking about areas of the body which aren’t inherently sexual.

      “I was surprised when one of my female friends didn’t know that the breasts feel pleasurable if touched the right way.”

      Maybe they are like me and scores of female friends who I have who don’t get any pleasure out of breast fondling. But your the expert aren’t you….

      • Preach. Unbeknowst to seemingly all American men, breasts are really only erogenous zones due to a Western cultural taste for them. They’re generally forbidden, therefore hot to look at and touch. However, everything but the nipple is pretty much composed of senseless fatty goop unless you squeeze hard enough to make the glands inside hurt. My elbows have more feeling in them than my breasts, honestly.

        Also, I know a lot of girls get something out of their clit, but honestly mine kind of hurts when touched. It’s not really fair to say “yeah it’s the magic button 100% of the time.”

      • “Myths about Female Sexuality 101”, hmm, sounds like it could be the beginning of an interesting and insightful article about common misconceptions about the female body rather than a few indignant comments at the end of an article.

        And it gets some people off, if we made a list of turn on’s and crossed off things some people didn’t consider a turn on we wouldn’t really have anything there.

    • The male opinion/advice about female masturbation is completely unwanted and unnecessary. The act itself is wholly about the individual, who in this case is a woman. So why should any man feel like he has the qualifications to provide any amount of insight into how a woman could or should pleasure herself? It’s about as helpful and valid as a woman writing an article about male pleasure, saying something to the effect of “the foreskin is the main source of pleasure for the vast majority of men, but if you’re circumcised you can probably still have fun maybe if you’re lucky.”

      It’s not a matter of “if you don’t like it, just ignore it.” One could say the same of sandwich jokes: just don’t make him one, right? Problem solved.

  3. i’ve been following this contest since it started and give props to interloper for starting it, but i’m majorly creeped out by the fact that a dude wrote this… as supportive as i know he is of female sexuality, it makes me very very uncomfortable that, on a forum as wonderfully feminist as the interloper’s, i’m still being told what i’m supposed to do with my body by a man. can we keep this on the ladies’ side please?

  4. Why did a man write a “female guide” to sexual exploration. I don’t tell you how to use your penis, why do you feel entitled to write about my parts?

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