Once upon a time, a jolly crew of insubordinates, feeling they lacked a media forum to express themselves on campus, decided to stir the pot and add a little chili powder to news at USC.

And thus, The Interloper was born.

Don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not here to instigate just because we want to start a riot. We do want to start a riot, but the kind that originates in your brains and ends up as art, innovation and free thought. We’re not out to scoop the next big thing; we’d rather tell you something you don’t know.

We don’t claim any sort of objectivity, because in our experience objectivity is generally impossible. When you tell a story, you give priority to certain things and you leave other things out; you tell it from one perspective versus another. So if our paper seems biased, that’s because it is. We are a politically and personally charged publication, we have certain ideas about free speech and human dignity, and reporting on issues without discussing their implications or their consequences makes us a little queasy.

That may not be how most news sources do things, but that’s why we call ourselves alternative.

The Interloper was founded in August of 2012 by Francesca Bessey, Corinne Gaston and one more folk who prefers to remain anonymous. The first issue was officially released on November 12th.

If you want to know more of what we’re about, check out our manifesto. Better yet, check out our paper. Hint: if you made it this far, it shouldn’t be that hard.

We are always looking for new writers, artists, photographers, graphic designers and even the occasional grammar Nazi. If you think you might be interested, get in touch with us!


Basic Campus Logo_small(2)

The Interloper was made possible with the support of Campus Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress. Campus Progress funds, trains, and mentors students running a diverse and growing group of progressive campus media organizations. For more, visit CampusProgress.org/JournalismNetwork.


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