Having died a tedious death at the hands of USC’s existing student publications, we here resurrect our sanity through independent media. What is independent media, you ask? It is student power through student voices. It is taking back the power to choose what is relevant and what is not. It is airing our opinions rather than leaving them to rot in the dungeons of censorship. It is embracing the original, the suppressed, the radical and the funky.

The Interloper is dedicated to social justice and to telling the news, opinions and stories that are ignored by, purposely excluded from and trivialized by mainstream news sources and other narratives on campus. We are a politically and personally charged publication. We aim to invigorate ourselves through the stories we bring to light, to challenge our readers to redefine their perceptions and expectations of the world, to stop the proverbial bubble from defining the USC student.

We will air our voices as students, as dreamers, as community leaders and most importantly as autonomous thinkers and we will stand for those whom traditional media has branded irrelevant, insignificant, inferior—interloper.


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